cover image L’art de la Liste: Simplify, Organise, Enrich Your Life

L’art de la Liste: Simplify, Organise, Enrich Your Life

Dominique Loreau. Trapeze, $19.99 trade paper (304p) ISBN 978-1-409-18291-7

In this wise handbook, French essayist Loreau (L’art de la Simplicité) updates her 2005 French bestseller to help American readers change their lives by making lists. “By virtue of its concise, contained form... the list gives us an entry point into a potentially unlimited exploration of our lives,” she explains before offering checklists for change in five sections: lists to simplify everyday life, such as to make the most of one’s time and to take the stress out of holiday shopping; lists for self-knowledge, such as dreams and nightmares and lists of what one has done, but never wants to do again; lists for self-care, such as eradicating the victim mentality and decluttering; lists for pleasure, such as recipes for happiness; and lists as self-portrait, which ask readers to make lists about one’s strengths and weaknesses. In a particularly delightful section, Loreau invites readers to make lists of what’s good about themselves—what makes a person unique, what they are most proud of, and what are their talents—in order to help readers reinforce their own sense of inner worth. Perfect for fans of Marie Kondo, this supportive, charming book will help those who wish to bring organization, but also whimsy, into daily life. [em]Agent: Benita Edzard, Robert Laffont. (Dec.) [/em]