cover image Redeemed in Darkness

Redeemed in Darkness

Alexis Morgan, . . Pocket Star, $6.99 (347pp) ISBN 978-1-4165-4713-6

Morgan’s paranormal Paladin series begins to lose steam in this fourth installment, which picks up right after the end of In Darkness Reborn. Barak q’Arc has just crossed the magical barrier into enemy Paladin territory to save the woman he loves, condemning himself to certain death, should he cross back, at the hands of his sister, Lusahn, determined to carry out the penalty for his treason. It’s not her brother who returns, however, but Cullen Finley, the Paladin warrior Lusahn had the pleasure of wounding only days before. Cullen calls a truce so he and Lusahn can discover who’s been robbing her world of its life-sustaining energy stones, the main source of their energy and warmth. Lusahn agrees to hide Cullen in her home until the mystery is solved, risking not only her life and the safety of her two adopted children, but also her heart, which she’s coming dangerously close to losing to the dashing enemy. Unfortunately, the plot proves thin and the romance anemic; faced with the inevitable end of her fictional world, Morgan may be saving her energy for the big finale. (Dec.)