cover image Between Here and Forever

Between Here and Forever

Elizabeth Scott. Simon Pulse, $16.99 (256p) ISBN 978-1-4169-9484-8

Revisiting territory she explored in Love You Hate You Miss You (2009), Scott weaves angst, tragedy, and romance to tell the story of 17-year-old Abby, whose older sister, Tess, is in a coma following a car accident (the protagonist of Scott's earlier book was mourning a friend killed in a car accident). Depressed, grief-stricken, and self-hating, Abby desperately wants Tess to recover, in large part so that she can get on with her own life. Enter gorgeous hospital worker Eli. When Eli speaks, Abby sees Tess's eyes flutter, so she persuades Eli to visit and speak to Tess regularly. The idea that a guy's sexy voice might awaken Tess is as romantic as it is ridiculous, though it handily sets up the possibility of an Abby/Eli relationship—if only Abby felt she deserved happiness. At times, Abby's low self-esteem is so intense as to feel like caricature, but her growth comes across as natural and genuine, as she slowly begins to put her life in perspective. Readers will appreciate that Scott resists a too-perfect, too-neat ending. Ages 14–up. (June)