cover image Miranda and Maude: The Princess and the Absolutely Not a Princess

Miranda and Maude: The Princess and the Absolutely Not a Princess

Emma Wunsch, illus. by Jessika von Innerebner. Amulet, $12.99 (144p) ISBN 978-1-4197-3179-2

Miranda, a quintessential princess, has led an isolated castle life, educated by a “very old royal tutor... who came at noon, napped at one, and left promptly at two.” Now her parents are sending her to school, which Miranda knows she will “absolutely, positively hate.” She’s right: academically, she lags behind the other third graders, who stare and snicker at her, and she gets off on the wrong foot with loner Maude, who roller-skates to school, raises chickens, and aspires to be a social justice advocate. When Miranda excludes Maude from her birthday party, Maude galvanizes her peers to boycott the fete, a move that—in a satisfyingly ironic finale—creates a bond between the princess and non-princess, and each finds her first friend. Von Innerebner (the Ellie Ultra series) includes telling details in the expressive black-and-white illustrations that help limn the differences between the two girls (such as Miranda’s abhorrence of hard-boiled eggs versus Maude’s love of them, thanks to her beloved hens). With a light touch and humor, Wunsch (The Movie Version), launching the Miranda and Maude chapter book series, underscores the value of eschewing stereotypes. Ages 7–10. [em]Author’s agent: Rachel Orr, Prospect Agency. Illustrator’s agent: Kelly Sonnack, Andrea Brown Literary. (Aug.) [/em]