cover image The Love of a Good Amish Woman

The Love of a Good Amish Woman

Rosalind Lauer. Zebra, $8.99 mass market (304p) ISBN 978-1-420-15213-5

This sweet romance from Lauer (An Amish Bride) brings together a widow and a widower in the Amish community of Joyful River, Pa. After single mother Collette Yoder suffers a streak of bad luck—the death of an estranged husband, a buggy crash that renders her injured and unable to work, the subsequent loss of her home—she’s left a “broken woman.” Fortunately, she and her daughter find refuge in the household of her son’s mother-in-law, Miriam Lapp. Across town, bishop Aaron Troyer is reeling from his wife’s semi-recent death and is overwhelmed by the pressures of his spiritual flock, farm, and daughters. When Aaron seeks housekeeping help, Miriam, eager to play matchmaker, suggests Collette as part-time maid. Over buggy rides and cups of coffee, Collette and Aaron bond over their mutual understanding of loss. As the two grow closer, trouble arises in the form of attempted setups for the bishop, town drama stirred up by an upcoming wedding, and brushes with the Englischer world. Meanwhile, Aaron and Collette strive to trust God and start anew together. Though orbited by a large, sometimes-unwieldy cast, Collette and Aaron are standout characters—brave, vulnerable, and complex. Readers will eagerly follow their emotional arcs till the book’s satisfying close. There’s much to enjoy in this tale of rediscovered love. (Jan.)