cover image Being with Him

Being with Him

Jessica Inclan. Zebra, $13 (316pp) ISBN 978-1-4201-0112-6

In Inclán’s sweet but sometimes silly trilogy opener, finding a soul mate is child’s play compared to discovering that your perfect match is from another planet. San Francisco artist Mila Adams meets Garrick McClellan, a successful financier, on a disastrous blind date that turns providential. The pair are actually natives of Cygiria, 149 light years from Earth, who find they truly complete each other as “twins in thought and action,” perfectly matched lovers whose alien powers enable them to communicate telepathically and move outside of time. After they discover they’re orphans of a planet destroyed by Neballats, they soon link up with other displaced Cygirians on a mission to save the last of their kind. Inclán (Reason to Believe ) injects a bit of an X-Files feel into the hilariously soft science and yummy romance as Mila and Garrick fight the “slippy-slidey” Neballats, but they lack the Scully/Mulder pizzazz. (Feb.)