cover image The Undateable: Librarians in Love, Book 1

The Undateable: Librarians in Love, Book 1

Sarah Title. Zebra Shout, $4.99 mass market (352p) ISBN 978-1-4201-4183-2

Title (Practice Makes Perfect) launches her Librarians in Love contemporary romance series with a hilarious and charming first installment. San Francisco resident Melissa “Bernie” Bernard doesn’t mean to be a cliché, but when a picture of her is turned into a viral “Disapproving Librarian” meme, she becomes the poster child for the uptight and unhip. Colin Rodriguez is the token straight guy at a growing fashion magazine, and his job is on the line: either he turns the disapproving librarian into a successful article series, or he’s out on his ear. Prickly and at odds from the first, Bernie and Colin spark off each other as he persuades her to participate in 30 first dates in 30 days. Delightfully mouthy Bernie (“Totally not looking at your butt, Mr. Patriarchy”) accepts the challenge to prove she’s single by choice, not because she’s undateable, and endures a gut-busting succession of dates gone wrong. Meanwhile, Colin gets a crash course in dating from a woman’s perspective, an experience that forces him into maturity. Their story is funny, engrossing, and delightfully witty. Readers will be eager for the rest of the series. Agent: Louise Fury, Bent Agency. (Mar.)