cover image It Happened One Midnight

It Happened One Midnight

Saranna DeWylde. Zebra, $15.95 trade paper (320p) ISBN 978-1-4201-5316-3

Proving that some series only get better with each book, DeWylde’s third Fairy Godmothers, Inc. romantic fantasy (after Men Are Frogs) packs an emotional wallop while still delivering all the charm and humor fans expect. Though romance author Juniper Blossom doesn’t yet realize it, her three grandmothers are really fairy godmothers and they’re utterly determined to see Juniper paired with her best friend, divorce attorney Tomas Rivera. Juniper and Tomas have been friends since childhood and are the perfect complements. There’s just one problem: cynical Tomas doesn’t believe in love, while Juniper is a hopeless romantic. When the pair decide to fake an engagement to get the godmothers off their backs, they must navigate their differing viewpoints and evolving friendship. The couple’s undeniable chemistry would be enough to keep readers rooting for them, but DeWylde goes deeper, highlighting the little considerations that make a relationship work, like laughing together and preparing each other’s favorite foods just because. The strong focus on communication makes the leads’ transition from friends to lovers believable and resonant. Readers will be swept away by this enchanting story that argues that fairy tale endings are within reach for those who put in the work. (Jan.)