Shuriken and Pleats, Vol. 1

Matsuri Hino. Viz, $9.99 trade paper (192p) ISBN 978-1-42158-525-3
After sweeping the world of shojo manga by storm with Vampire Knight, Hino’s new tale of heroic girls arrives in English. Her characteristic shojo art style and intelligent layouts have even improved, adding power to the euphoric moments and thrilling fight scenes. Mikage Kirio is a teenage ninja working in England when her master is killed, but his dying wish is to have her live out her days as a normal girl. As she travels to Japan to do just that, she becomes wrapped up in the dangerous life of Mahito Wakashimatsu, a man who operates in the same shady world as her late master. While unraveling his mysteries, Mikage struggles with duty, honor, and modern-day normalcy, all while kicking butt and taking names, making her a heroine both teens and adults can identify with. Conceived as a short series, and with “older men” replacing the sparkly vampires of her previous hit, this is unlikely to gain as large a fan following as Vampire Knight, but the higher quality makes it a standout. (Mar.)
Reviewed on: 02/01/2016
Release date: 03/01/2016
Genre: Comics
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