cover image The Lord Is My Shepherd (The Psalm 23 Mysteries)

The Lord Is My Shepherd (The Psalm 23 Mysteries)

Debbie Viguie, . . Abingdon, $13.99 (285pp) ISBN 978-1-4267-0189-4

Prolific fantasy and YA author Viguié (coauthor of the Wicked series) adds a new genre with this mystery, a sort of cozy but not entirely. Church secretary Cindy Preston stumbles over a dead body at First Shepherd Presbyterian; racing almost immediately to her aid is Jeremiah Silverman, rabbi of the neighboring synagogue, who can bust some pretty good moves from having spent his youth in Israel. It’s clear soon enough that the events of Christian Holy Week, which coincide with the celebration of Passover for Silverman and his congregants, have special significance for the killer, and Cindy, Jeremiah, and Det. Mark Walters work to solve the mystery while the killer continues. Many elements are blended: murder mystery, comical church staff, a soupçon of romantic tension, interfaith exploration, backstories that get a tad of exposure (series writer Viguié knows how to lay groundwork for follow-ups). The result is uneven, although promising enough to draw fans; some Christian fiction readers might question the serial-killer plot element. (Mar.)