cover image Stalking Season: 
A Seasons Series Mystery

Stalking Season: A Seasons Series Mystery

Maryann Miller. Five Star, $25.95 (280p) ISBN 978-1-4328-2598-0

The body of an unidentified girl who looks no older than 18 found in a cheap motel room turns out to be that of socialite Tracy Clemment in Miller’s gripping second mystery featuring Dallas, Tex., police detectives Sarah Kingsly and Angel Johnson (after 2010’s Open Season). Tracy’s prominent father’s influence is felt throughout the police department from the commissioner on down, making the investigation much more difficult. A discarded boyfriend becomes a suspect, but Sarah isn’t comfortable when division head Lieutenant McGregor insists he be arrested and charged, especially when a similar crime is discovered with a very different victim. Racial and class tensions affect all aspects of the case, while Sarah and Angel both have to deal with personal issues from the recent past that may prevent them from ever having a true partnership. The relationship between the women is just as absorbing as the search for the killer. Few readers will anticipate the closing twist. (Nov.)