cover image How to Feel Good: 20 Things Teens Can Do

How to Feel Good: 20 Things Teens Can Do

Tricia Mangan. APA/Magination, $12.95 paper (128p) ISBN 978-1-4338-1040-4

Avoiding preachiness and gimmickry, Mangan aims to give teens tools to take happiness into their own hands. Suggestions for finding solace include avoiding comparing oneself to others, tackling procrastination, focusing on the positive, and accepting both the power and limits of one’s control. Each section offers various steps, activities, and goals (for example, Mangan advises finding a good fictional role model as a way to learn about becoming more assertive in real life). The tips are straightforward, and readers should feel empowered to know that solutions may be within their grasp. Ages 13–18. (Sept.)