cover image My Singing Nana

My Singing Nana

Pat Mora, illus. by Alyssa Bermudez. Magination, $16.99 (32p) ISBN 978-1-433830-21-1

Billy adores his Nana, who wears a belted vest in Bermudez’s colorful art. He loves baking cherry empanadas alongside her, listening to her sing, and putting on shows together for their family and friends. As they prepare for their “best show ever,” Billy is worried when his Nana asks him to remind her of their plans. Later, he brings his concern to his mother, who reassures him that though Nana sometimes forgets things, they can still do all of their favorite activities together. When his sister wakes up with a cough the morning of the program, Billy is momentarily discouraged before he gets an idea: “I know who the best singer is,” writes Mora. He summons his Nana, and together they sing, helping one another recall their favorite songs in both Spanish and English. Back matter offers an empanada recipe and insights into discussing Alzheimer’s with children. A winning story that also serves as a useful family resource. Ages 4–8. (Oct.[em]) [/em]