cover image Defiant


Kris Kennedy. Pocket, $7.99 mass market (400p) ISBN 978-1-4391-9590-1

Medieval England and its tumultuous history is the backdrop for this daring romance. Jamie Lost a top lieutenant and right-hand man for King John is sent to retrieve Peter of London because Father Peter has information and secrets that could turn King John's reign into ruins. Jamie is not alone in his search%E2%80%94Eva is back after fleeing England 10 years prior and with the help of her charge, Roger, is determined to find Father Peter as well. He protected them for years, and now is Eva's chance to return the favor. When another interested party attempts to kidnap the priest, Jamie and Eva forge a tenuous alliance. Despite their simmering attraction to one another, neither will stop their missions%E2%80%94to keep Father Peter and the secrets he holds safe. The love story is both sensual and charming, with flirtatious and sizzling encounters. Kennedy has a way with words, and the witty banter between Jamie and Eva is a great pleasure to read. The history is absorbing and well-woven through this satisfying novel. (May)