cover image Breaking Cat News

Breaking Cat News

Georgia Dunn. Andrews McMeel, $12.99 (128p) ISBN 978-1-4494-7413-3

Three cats report on their perspective of daily life with their human owners in cute but overly familiar set pieces in Dunn's debut collection of her webcomic. Dunn references situations any cat owner knows by heart, but the conceit of cats as newscasters with all the clich%C3%A9s of anchors and reporters gives them a sometimes new coat of paint. The appeal here are the pets: the cats look adorable holding microphones, wearing reporter clothing, and speaking their outrage. Each one has a distinct personality. Lupin is a white cat with big ears who takes things seriously, Puck is a black cat everyman, and angry comic relief Elvis is a suspenders-wearing Siamese with a hatred of just about everything. Marker and watercolor give the comics a soft, blended feel, fleshing out thin lines. The situational humor and funny outfits dress up each strip, making for an enjoyable, but not really memorable, look at living with cats. (May)