cover image Demon’s Curse

Demon’s Curse

Alexa Egan. Pocket, $7.99 mass market (384p) ISBN 978-1-4516-7290-9

In a colorfully imagined version of 1816 Britain, the Imnada race of shape-changers keep their existence secret from humanity and from the Fey-blood, who believe them extinct after a battle centuries before. After exiled Imnada soldier Adam Kinloch is killed. his brother-in-arms Mac Flannery comes to London and meets actress Bianca Parrino, suspected of Adam’s murder. Mac soon discovers that Adam’s cure for the curse may lie with the herbalist’s notebook in Bianca’s keeping. Together, they evade the real killer while trying to unravel Adam’s research. Newcomer Egan beautifully paces the slow evolution of Bianca and Mac’s relationship, from guarded cooperation through competent alliance to trust and affection, and there’s a striking beauty in the scenes that depict Mac in panther form. The complex possibilities in the relationships between the races will leave readers eagerly anticipating future volumes. (Jan.)