cover image Best Lunch Box Ever: 
Ideas and Recipes for School Lunches Kids Will Love

Best Lunch Box Ever: Ideas and Recipes for School Lunches Kids Will Love

Katie Sullivan Morford. Chronicle, $24.95 (156p) ISBN 978-1-4521-0829-2

Dietitian, food and nutrition writer, and blogger Morford does an truly sweet job of helping parents pack more inspired lunches in her new cookbook, which features 75 recipes for everything from wraps and sandwiches to pizzas and salads. Packing healthy lunches that kids will actually eat is no easy feat, but Morford is up for the challenge. “This book is a toolbox full of fresh ideas to help you break from the lunch-box rut that plagues the best of us,” Morford explains in her intro. Chapter one, Brown Bag Basics, gives nutrition advice and offers healthier versions for lunchtime favorites such as turkey sandwiches with hummus and romaine, while the second chapter includes tips on getting organized and how to plan ahead. Healthy, fresh sandwich recipes include chickpea panini and deconstructed Caprese cherry tomatoes and mozzarella on skewers. Salads Kids Will Love offers up a variety of greens made with kid-friendly ingredients like Where’s Waldorf, made with apple and raisins, and Lunch Box Slaw, crunchy veggies with a slightly sweet dressing of rice vinegar, brown sugar, and soy sauce. There are recipes for all-time favorites—pizza, wraps, and roll-ups—as well as a section on how to put a fresh new spin on leftovers. This is an extremely useful guide that’s both fun and accessible. (Aug.)