Phase Shift

Kelly Jensen and Jenn Burke. Carina, , $3.49 ISBN 978-1-4592-9044-0
There’s a sense of closure in the darker, reflective fifth book of Jensen and Burke’s far-future Chaos Station series (after Inversion Point). Felix and Zed thought they were finally going to be able to settle down, but then crucial data on the experiment that resurrected Zed is stolen, scuttling his plans with Felix and forcing both to face Zed’s former military handler and the mysterious, near-omnipotent Guardians. Zed and Felix wind up marooned at the edge of occupied space, trying desperately to survive against hostile creatures and a sadistic woman who wants to make an army of super-soldiers. Difficult decisions and the risk of harm and loss are much greater than in past books. The rest of the cast also feels stronger, given a mission of their own that intersects with Zed and Felix’s. The sense of isolation in deep space works well, as does the recurring theme of the nature of freedom. This apparent conclusion to the series is a fine send-off that will satisfy its fans. (May)
Reviewed on: 03/14/2016
Genre: Fiction
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