cover image Roxana's Revolution

Roxana's Revolution

Farin Powell. iUniverse, $34.95 hardcover (443p) ISBN 978-1-4759-8063-9

Roxana, an Iranian attorney on Wall Street, is doing well for herself and enjoying life in the United States. That all changes with the hostage crisis of 1979. When she starts facing prejudice in the States, Roxana decides to return to Iran. While she thinks she'll be relatively insulated from the changes that have taken place in Iran, given her education and experience, she is not. Roxana comes into conflict with new restrictions on women, causing her no end of frustration. She has an American admirer, but resists his advances for a while. Finally she decides to marry co-worker Afshin, whom she does not love, but who promises her a good life. Afshin becomes stingy, neglectful, and abusive, but Roxana fears losing custody of her children and is faced with a difficult decision. Few American readers are familiar with the Iranian side of the 1979 hostage crisis, and this is an eye-opening look at a country in turmoil. Roxana is a strong protagonist, and while readers may grow frustrated by unrealistic resistance to her American love, they will understand the cultural clash and empathize with her struggles. .