cover image Intro to Alien Invasion

Intro to Alien Invasion

Owen King, Mark Jude Poirer, and Nancy Ahn. Scribner, $17.99 trade paper (224) ISBN 978-1-4767-6340-8

About halfway through this graphic novel, it’s pretty clear that the book won’t go too far beyond the “Invasion of Body-Snatching Pod People” tropes it readily embraces. And maybe that’s fine. Coauthors King (Double Feature) and Poirier (Modern Ranch Living), both novelists, may have some grand, genre-defying scheme in mind, but aside from some adult language and brief LGBTQ themes, the story of college-invading insect aliens rarely transcends its B movie source material. Debut artist Ahn’s work doesn’t help matters much—the minimalist linework shows occasional glimmers of cartoony inspiration but mostly feels rushed, doing little justice to the gory action scenes and doomed red shirt background characters. (Sept.)