cover image The Undying

The Undying

Ethan Reid. S&S/Simon451, $4.99 e-book (272p) ISBN 978-1-4767-7314-8

This postapocalyptic horror novel effectively delivers gross-out thrills. After arriving in Paris just in time for a New Year’s Eve party, young Americans Jeanie and Ben wake up to catastrophe. Showers of rocks are falling from the sky, and fires are spreading everywhere. As they trek through the stricken city to rejoin their friends, Jeanie becomes aware of pale, murderous revenants stalking the terrified survivors. The cause of the disaster remains unknown, as does the nature of the growing horde of “undying” fiends—they aren’t quite zombies or vampires, but that’s just another aspect of the horrible uncertainty, which brings out the worst in Ben while purging Jeanie of debilitating depression and prompting her to protect a newborn baby. Debut author Reid keeps the action rushing ahead in hysterical panic with vivid scenes and convincing (albeit short-lived) characters. This one screams for a sequel. (Oct.)