cover image Rhythm of the Imperium

Rhythm of the Imperium

Jody Lynn Nye. Baen, $15 trade paper (432p) ISBN 978-1-4767-8091-7

Nye’s third Lord Thomas Kinago novel (after Fortunes of the Imperium) delivers neither the humor nor the excitement promised by the premise. The Zang are the elder race of the galaxy. They are able, through their will alone, to destroy celestial bodies that do not suit their aesthetic sense. They have invited several races to their latest eradication event, including the mineral-based Kail, who detest the “slimy ones”—humans and other biologicals. The Kail hope to persuade the Zang to take radical action to safeguard Kail space, and they send three ambassadors on the Imperium Jaunter, a ship that also happens to be transporting wealthy human Lord Thomas Kinago and his cousins to the spectacle. Thomas’s reaction to the Kail (and every other situation) is to indulge his latest enthusiasm, interpretive dance. Bodily contortions, expressive gestures, and outrageous costumes fill the pages; they’re certainly ridiculous, but they fail to be funny. The few action sequences starring redoubtable Covert Service agent Parsons are overwhelmed by page upon page of noble dilettantism. (Dec.)