cover image The Devil’s in the Details

The Devil’s in the Details

Kimberly Raye. Amazon/Montlake Romance, $12.95 trade paper (300p) ISBN 978-1-4778-0755-2

Jezebel “Jess” Damon is Houston’s hottest up-and-coming wedding planner. She’s also a thousand-year-old succubus with a romantic streak who has given up her sinful ways for a chance to find her “One and Only,” whomever he may be. But the only man she’s drawn to is Cutter Owens, a notorious and sexy demon slayer who wants Jess’s help in dispatching the demon who stole his soul, and her career may be stalled by the ultimate bridezilla: Jess’s mother, Lillith, one of the four reigning princesses of Hell. Jess negotiates a morass of improbable situations—a demonic baby shower, her aunts discussing blood-drinking at a dress fitting, and a lovesick incubus—while trying to stifle her lust for Cutter, who may behead her as soon as bed her. Despite the silly premise and slight plot, Raye (the Vampire Matchmaker series) hits the right note with her protagonist, whose bubbly, self-deprecating voice makes her just likable enough to keep the reader turning pages. Agent: Natasha Kern, Natasha Kern Literary Agency. (Oct.)