cover image The Flying Dragon

The Flying Dragon

Georges Ugeux. Archway, $14.99 trade paper (190p) ISBN 978-1-4808-1856-9

Former New York Stock Exchange executive Ugeux makes good use of his expertise in international finance in crafting this suspenseful whodunit. Victoria Leung, who has left the financial fraud department of the Hong Kong Police Force, now provides her analytic insights to Pegasus, an international private investigations firm. She’s plunged into a complex case when a former colleague, Diana Yu, asks her to look into a suspicious suicide. Bertrand Wellington, the head of derivatives at the Bank of Hong Kong and Shanghai, fell to his death, but Diana believes that, at the least, he was goaded into doing so. Bertrand had been sexually harassed by a supervisor, David Chen, who was also in the habit of executing illegal stock trades that commingled the bank’s activities with those of its clients. Victoria soon comes to adopt Diana’s theory that Bertrand was murdered. Ugeux enhances the thriller plot line with insights into Hong Kong’s treatment of sex crimes and the political control China maintains over the island. [em](BookLife) [/em]