cover image Dark Sky

Dark Sky

Mike Brooks. Saga, $16.99 trade paper (352p) ISBN 978-1-4814-5956-3

In this heart-stopping sequel to Dark Run, what should be a straightforward retrieval mission for the crew of the spaceship Keiko becomes a scramble for survival. Capt. Ichabod Drift and his crew are offered a perfectly legal run to the mining planet of Uragan to retrieve some data files before the next superstorm hits, which sounds like easy money. The first sign of trouble comes when Tamara Rourke, Ichabod’s partner and a former secret agent, spots the ship of their rival, Ricardo Moutinho, already in Uragan City’s spaceport. A run-in with Moutinho’s people and a misunderstanding with the local constabulary do nothing to prepare them for the revolution that kicks off while the Keiko’s crew are separated five levels below the surface with a megahurricane raging above. Ichabod and the Chang siblings, mechanic Kuai and pilot Jia, decide to throw in with the police; Tamara, computer whiz Jenna McIlroy, and muscle Apirana Wahawaha become embroiled with the insurgents. Brooks writes action that is nearly nonstop and pleasingly varied while still allowing time for character description and development. This is a great space-rogue adventure in a setting with vast potential for further stories. (July)