cover image Monster Hunter Siege: Monster Hunters, Book 6

Monster Hunter Siege: Monster Hunters, Book 6

Larry Correia. Baen, $25 (384p) ISBN 978-1-4814-8255-4

The sixth raucous, weapons-fueled Monster Hunters fantasy (following Monster Hunter Nemesis) starts slowly as Correia grounds new readers, but picks up a full head of steam by the end. Owen Pitt sacrificed two members of his team during the first (and only) International Conference of Monster Hunting Professionals, held at the Last Dragon Casino in Las Vegas, and their deaths have haunted him ever since. Years later, Owen learns that VanZant and Lococo might not be dead after all. Intel acquired in trade for an old relic allows him to view other worlds, including the Nightmare Realm, where Owen’s two hunters might still be alive. If they are, Owen means to bring them back. But one team of hunters isn’t going to be able to do more than spit into the wind in the Nightmare Realm. This calls for international hunter cooperation, and the biggest, baddest arsenal of ordnance ever assembled. Correia’s latest slugfest between men and demons covers all the bases: heavy-duty weaponry, slick military banter, humor, tough evil dudes, and a strong-jawed hero who’s ready to save the world. (Aug.)