cover image Her Majesty’s American

Her Majesty’s American

Steve White. Baen, $16 trade paper (240p) ISBN 978-1-4814-8342-1

With a strong combination of alternate history, science fact, and science fiction, White (the Starfire series) takes readers into a future of interplanetary colonization and threats both foreign and domestic. Cdr. Robert Rogers of the British Empire’s Royal Space Navy is sent to investigate a report that a terrorist group called the Caliphate is planning an attack on New America in the Tau Ceti system. After being captured by extremists, he is handed over to the Caliphate and learns they are working with an alien race, the Gharnakh’sha, that no one knew existed. The Gharnakh’sha may stand to be the biggest winner if the Caliphate succeeds in destroying the empire, and Rodgers must engage in extended, complex subterfuge to ensure they don’t. Readers who like realistic elements in science fiction will appreciate White’s use of history and astrophysics, which adds to the excitement and never slows the story, but the too-pat racial dynamics of white Brits vs. brown Caliphate are wearying. (Sept.)