cover image Smile Again, Jenny Lee

Smile Again, Jenny Lee

Carlo Caldana. CreateSpace, $10 trade paper (230p) ISBN 978-1-492102-55-7

With a blow to the knee, a thug ended the professional career of tennis star Jenny Lee, the protagonist of this middling suspense yarn set in San Francisco. Broke and despairing, Jenny has little to hope for until she’s approached by a lawyer, Charles Landale, who’s looking for her estranged father, Howard Dancy. Landale states that he needs to resolve some important legal matters with Howard, and Jenny guesses that it involves some money that she could eventually inherit. She soon realizes that Landale has not been straight with her about who he is, or why he’s seeking her parent. Jenny proves a decent amateur sleuth as she tries to learn her father’s whereabouts, though she benefits from an unlikely string of good luck. Caldana (The Wallenstein Testament) offers solid prose that compensates only in part for a meandering plot and a less than satisfying resolution. [em](BookLife) [/em]