Born to Wonder: Exploring Our Deepest Questions—Why Are We Here and Why Does It Matter?

Alister McGrath. Tyndale House, $16.99 trade paper (320p) ISBN 978-1-4964-3620-7
This excellent academic treatise by theologian McGrath (Historical Theology) offers an information-dense yet surprisingly poetic overview of what it means to be human. McGrath contends that to unlock the mysteries of human nature, science needs to be supplemented by religion, particularly Christianity. Posing fundamental questions—how can we grasp “the immensity of our universe”?; “why are we here?”—but never offering definitive answers, McGrath argues that humans’ innate drive to ask these questions reveals truths about the nature of humanity, and God as well: “human beings need more than facts; they seek meaning.” He cites contrasting perspectives from a variety of fields (among them science, philosophy, theology, and the literary arts), considers divergent philosophical views (such as Marxism, Darwinism, transhumanism, rationalism, scientism, and humanism), and determines that “religion and spirituality... are part of what it means to be human and must therefore be addressed as an integral aspect of human nature.” The emphasis on listening to opposing perspectives, taking others’ conclusions seriously, and being respectful of those who have differing viewpoints is particularly refreshing. McGrath’s gracious spirit and erudite presentation make this a worthy, convincing synthesis of human impulses toward science and religion. (Aug.)
Reviewed on : 07/10/2020
Release date: 08/01/2020
Genre: Religion
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