Strong Convictions

GP Hutchinson. The Hutchinson Group LLC, $12.99 trade paper (306p) ISBN 978-1-4991-5102-2
Hutchinson spins a lively tale of Texas Ranger Emmett Strong and his quest for justice for his brother, Eli. In 1881, Emmett is celebrating with Eli, who has just been named a Texas state senator, when Charlie Blaylock interrupts their meal to accuse Eli of being responsible for the death of Thomas, his brother. Blaylock guns down Eli and then flees to Nevada, where Seth, his younger brother, is a member in a gang that has the population under its thumb. Emmett and his “pardner,” Juan Carlos Galvez, are joined in their pursuit of Blaylock by an Englishman, Granville Sikes, who is “looking for a new start.” In Nevada, Emmett discovers that Seth Blaylock’s boss, Lucien McIntosh, kidnaps women to fill his bordellos, including young Li Xu, a lovely woman who has caught Emmett’s eye. Emmett may have to decide between rescuing Li and bringing Charlie Blaylock to justice. The Western lingo occasionally feels forced, and there are a few anachronisms, but there is enough Western action to satisfy fans. (BookLife)
Reviewed on: 01/18/2016
Release date: 02/01/2015
Genre: Fiction
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