cover image Eve


William Paul Young.. Howard, $16 (320) ISBN 978-1-5011-0142-7

Young (The Shack) offers another mind-bending, challenging novel that will have readers scratching their heads and examining their hearts. This exploration of humankind's "turning" from God offers a unique look at the events of the Garden of Eden as seen by Lilly Fields, the Witness who washed up on the shore of an ethereal place and is cared for by John in the Refuge%E2%80%94and island located between our world and the next. Lilly's life reflects our own%E2%80%94she feels unsure of her place on Earth, and unworthy of God's love. Lilly meets Eve, Mother of the Living, in her dreams. In phantasmagoric scenes she makes her spiritual progression. She is wounded by a mysterious evil that breaches the Refuge, protected by the Guardian Han-el, witnesses Creation, and eventually finds herself in Adonai's lap where she finally accepts his love and learns to trust completely. The novel is sometimes confusing due to Young's flexible use of time and space, but often the writing is stunningly beautiful, offering an evocative, challenging look at our view of God and the Creation narrative . Young's latest will certainly pique the interest of established fans as well as generate controversy. (Sept.)