cover image God Is Just Like Me

God Is Just Like Me

Karen Valentin, illus. by Antonieta Muñ˜oz Estrada. Beaming, $17.99 (32p) ISBN 978-1-5064-8242-2

From Sunday to Saturday, a child notes evidence of oneness with God in this observational picture book. First-person narration from Valentin addresses the deity directly: “God, I know you’re all powerful, all knowing, and lots of other really big words. But some days I think you’re just like me.” During a thunderstorm, the protagonist, portrayed with brown skin, notes God’s fondness for loudness. “Just like me,” a refrain declares as the child bangs pots and pans. A multihued sunrise becomes proof of a shared love of painting, and a lake’s peacefulness during a fishing excursion suggests a mutual appreciation of quiet. At week’s end, Abuela observes, “God made you just like your Mami,” prompting the child to counter, “But God, you and I both know, You made me just like You!” Muñ˜oz Estrada’s digital artwork incorporates watercolor effects in bright metropolitan scenes that share the beatific narration’s vision of unity with God. Ages 4–7. (Jan.)