cover image The Worst Dudes

The Worst Dudes

Aubrey Sitterson and Tony Gregori. Dark Horse, $19.99 trade paper (120p) ISBN 978-1-5067-2280-1

With a torrent of profanity bursting from its first word balloon, this black-humored adventure from Sitterson (No One Left to Fight) and Gregori (Deuce of Hearts) kicks off a wild ride through a perverse galaxy, starring the seediest of seedy characters. This crew’s exactly what it says on the tin: they really are the worst dudes. Dirty space cop Sam Sugar gets hired to hunt down Zephyr Monsoon, a pop singer, dancer, and the illegitimate daughter of a planetary god. Accompanying Sam are Caligula Monomacho (a gigantic pink horny lion-man) and the heir to the throne, Bang (a princeling who considers himself a god). Their adventures zip them across a universe rife with over-the-top dirty fights, oversize weapons, copious bodily fluids, recreational space drugs, evil timeshare presentations, and ample nudity. It would border on offensive but instead falls over into absolutely hilarious. Gregori’s boisterous art does visual justice to outrageous concepts with the exaggerated style of a Tex Avery cartoon on speed. Definitely adults-only, this scatological saga will appeal to fans of Tank Girl and I Hate Fairyland. It’s a delightfully preposterous R-rated buddy comedy. (Feb.)