cover image Double Walker

Double Walker

Michael Conrad and Noah Bailey. Dark Horse, $22.99 trade paper (144p) ISBN 978-1-5067-3089-9

Conrad and Bailey (Tremor Dose) reunite for this chilling tale of love, loss, and fear of the unknown. Before the arrival of their firstborn, married couple Cully and Gemma decide to have one final child-free adventure and travel to the Scottish Highlands. The romantic getaway also allows Cully to indulge in his boundless enthusiasm for Scottish culture, whiling away the hours in old-time taverns, affecting a British-ish accent and mannerisms. While chatting up the locals, Cully and Gemma learn the legend of the Old Man of Storr and the mythical origins of the rocky terrain of the Highlands. Cully’s adventurous spirit trumps Gemma’s reluctance to trek higher up the gloomy coast—and when he leaves her behind, he returns to an unspeakable loss that sends the couple descending into terror and paranoia, as gruesome murders and supernatural happenings take over the small town. Bailey’s artwork balances portraits of the grief-stricken couple and the bloody horrors of Conrad’s script with breathtaking prowess, and the shadowy palette heightens tension and captures the haunted atmosphere of the Highlands. It’s folk horror at its eeriest. (Dec.)