cover image Losing the Girl

Losing the Girl

MariNaomi. Graphic Universe, $29.32 (280p) ISBN 978-1-5124-4910-5

Nigel wants Emily, but she wants Brett, whom Paula also desires. MariNaomi’s tale of teen angst, love, and self-discovery explores how these characters intersect while ever so slowly chipping away at a bigger plot around the disappearance of their classmate Claudia, which will be explored further in future volumes of this trilogy. In her graphic novel debut, MariNaomi practices various forms of minimalism, abstracting details until readers are left with the mere essences of the characters as they interact. MariNaomi’s artwork is anything but typical; as the book shifts among the characters’ viewpoints, so too does the artistic style. Nigel’s story uses grayscale coloring and thin lines, Emily’s features thick linework and black-and-white coloring, Brett’s monochromatic watercolor, and Paula’s cross-hatching. Spread throughout, these creative artistic effects amplify the tension and awkward emotions, transforming a familiar story of young love into something memorable and new. Ages 14–18. Agent: Gordon Warnock, Fuse Literary. (May)