cover image Simple Pleasures: Stories from My Life as an Amish Mother

Simple Pleasures: Stories from My Life as an Amish Mother

Marianne Jantzi. Herald Press, $12.99 trade paper (238p) ISBN 978-1-5138-0027-1

Jantzi, an Old Order Amish mother, shares stories of her daily life in this collection of columns previously published in the Amish magazine The Connection. The very short pieces reflect on her marriage, raising her children, community events, and her work in the home. Originally published for an Amish audience, they provide little framing, but this makes them even more interesting, as they do not get bogged down in explaining Amish customs and beliefs. She provides insightful reflections on mainstream culture (gained mostly through reading newspapers) and how Amish life is both an escape from those pressures and a challenge. While not overtly preachy, she occasionally explains how her Christian faith intersects with and drives her life. The columns are subdued, at times repetitive, and short on humor. Readers looking for a glimpse into Amish life from a charming voice will be pleased, but others who want a bit of substance will find the book too light. (Mar.)