cover image Called to Care: A Christian Vision for Nursing

Called to Care: A Christian Vision for Nursing

Judith Allen Shelly, Arlene Miller, and Kimberly Fenstermacher. IVP Academic, $32 (312p) ISBN 978-1-5140-0092-2

Nurses Shelly, Miller, and Fenster­macher give their vocation a close examination in this invaluable tool for Christians who have chosen nursing or caregiving as a profession. The authors begin by explaining nursing’s Christian roots and note that Christ’s healing ministry and instruction to care for the disenfranchised motivated the likes of Florence Nightingale and inspired the establishment of many nursing schools and missionary charities. Arguing that “true nursing cannot be divorced from the Christian story,” the authors discuss how to approach each patient as a whole person created in the image of God. That means taking into account a patient’s culture, family, and surroundings, as well as their physical ailments. Health isn’t limited to physical well-being, the authors point out, and is better defined as shalom—a God-centered wellness of peace, rest, and safety. Each chapter ends with reflective questions and a case study to apply the concepts discussed. Also included are sections on how nurses can navigate a toxic work culture, the difficulty of continual exposure to death, and praying with patients. This measured, empathic analysis will be perfect for Christians of all stripes working in patient care. (July)