cover image Fooling Around with Cinderella

Fooling Around with Cinderella

Stacy Juba. Thunder Horse, $2.99 e-book (224p) ISBN 978-1-5153-9075-6

In this charming yet predictable romance, opening the Storybook Valley contemporary series, an ambitious young marketing executive applies for her dream job at a fairy tale theme park and ends up agreeing to assume the role of Cinderella for the summer. At first thrown off by the demands of the position, Jaine Anderson soon learns to love playing the part of a princess, especially as it allows her to spend time with sexy Dylan Callahan, general manager of Storybook Valley. Acknowledging the mutual attraction, they must nevertheless juggle their professional relationship along with a burgeoning romantic one. Meanwhile, Jaine’s sisters place their own demands on her time, including babysitting and wedding planning, pushing her toward a stress-induced breaking point. Naturally, the Cinderella tropes are both subtle and overt in this tale, as the heroine literally wears the glass slippers while deflecting the flirtations of the park’s resident Prince Charming. The romance is cute, heartfelt, and chaste, but the obligatory antagonist is all-too-easily overcome. Like a theme park, this story is pleasant, inoffensive, and satisfying, but lacking an edge. (BookLife)