cover image Beyond the Gate

Beyond the Gate

Mary SanGiovanni. Lyrical Underground, $4.99 e-book (300p) ISBN 978-1-5161-0684-4

Occult mystery meets cosmic horror in SanGiovanni’s suspenseful fourth Kathy Ryan novel (after Inside the Assylum). When Paragon Corp, a theoretical physics research center, accidentally opens a portal to Hesychia, a new dimension, it sends a team of scientists to investigate, unaware of the threat of mystical parasites which hitch rides through the portal using the scientists as hosts. On the second expedition into Hesychia, the research team vanishes, leading Paragon to tap occult crime expert Kathy Ryan to investigate. When the U.S. military gets involved, they force Kathy to travel through the gateway along with Jose, the lone surviving scientist from the first research team; Markham, a soldier; and Carl, a police officer, all of whom carry the Hesychian parasite. As they navigate the labyrinthine underworld, attempting to evade whatever evil lurks at its center, Kathy makes a chilling discovery about Hesychia’s true nature. SanGiovanni conjures an eerie, otherworldly feel that never fizzles. Readers will be easily immersed in this dark, fast-paced tale. (Dec.)