Who’s That Earl?

Susanna Craig. Lyrical, $4.99 e-book (384p) ISBN 978-1-5161-1057-5
The marvelous first Love and Let Spy Regency romance from Craig (The Lady’s Deception) offers an author and a former soldier a second chance at love in the midst of a gripping mystery. Lt. Thomas Sutherland, a spy for the Crown, reluctantly travels to Scotland to claim his inheritance as the Earl of Magnus. The previous earl leased out Dunnock Castle to Gothic novelist Robin Ratliff and Thomas must decide whether to renew the lease. He’s surprised to discover that Ratliff’s secretary, Jane Quayle, is the woman he loved and lost seven years ago. Thomas does not reveal that he’s the earl to Jane, to keep her from fearing he will turn her from her home. After discovering threatening letters addressed to Ratliff, Thomas instead claims his purpose in coming to Dunnock is to investigate the threats and discover their author. Jane and Thomas grow close through the investigation, and Jane reveals that Robin Ratliff is a pen name she uses to disguise her gender. In return, Thomas divulges his identity as the Earl of Magnus. Secrets revealed, Jane and Thomas give in to their mutual attraction, but Jane fears losing her independence if their passionate moments evolve into a more permanent relationship. Craig delights with a fast-paced, intrigue-filled plot and expertly developed characters. Regency fans will eagerly anticipate future installments. Agent: Jill Marsal, Jill Marsal Agency (Aug.)
Reviewed on : 05/21/2020
Genre: Romance/Erotica
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