Blood Sisters

Jim O’Shea. Pelican, $5.99 e-book (274p) ISBN 978-1-5223-0269-8
A woman believes her mother’s visions might be the key to catching a serial killer in this entertaining inspirational thriller from O’Shea (The Linen God). Libby Meeker is grieving the recent death of her twin sister in a ship explosion as she approaches her 30th birthday. Her mother’s struggle with mental illness is also worsening as she obsessively paints the same disturbing image of a mysterious figure shrouded in black. After both of Libby’s parents die within months of each other, she begins to see visions of her sister. Jigsaw puzzle pieces begin appearing in random places, and as she puts them together Libby recognizes an image of her and her sister as babies in the hospital nursery ward. Meanwhile, Det. Troy Hunter investigates a series of murders that point to the Ginger Killer, whose targets are all red-haired young women. When Hunter believes Libby, a red head, could be the killer’s next target, they must unravel secrets from Libby’s past to distinguish reality from the increasingly disturbed visions Libby begins to have. Subtle biblical themes come across in the consequences to those who demonstrate unforgiveness and lack of faith, and all the visions of those said to be mentally ill prove instrumental to unraveling the mystery. Fans of Terri Blackstock will love this. (June)
Reviewed on : 05/15/2020
Genre: Inspirational Fiction
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