cover image Gods and Heroes: Mythology Around the World

Gods and Heroes: Mythology Around the World

Korwin Briggs. Workman, $19.95 (304p) ISBN 978-1-5235-0378-0

This collection introduces characters from a broad range of world legends and myths. Briggs presents the subjects alphabetically, describing their significance within a wider mythological framework. Playful cartooning accompanies brief tales about each character as gods, mortals, and creatures battle, fall in love, and banter via dialogue balloons. Briggs frankly and sometimes humorously describes the actions of rash or vengeful deities: the Hindu goddess Kali “handled the demons like a divine vacuum cleaner, swallowing them whole.” Readers will likely recognize many of the gods and goddesses, but the chance to get to know less familiar figures is sure to spark interest. Ages 9–up. (Aug.)