cover image Mom Milestones: The True Story of the First Seven Years

Mom Milestones: The True Story of the First Seven Years

Grace Farris. Workman, $17.95 trade paper (224p) ISBN 978-1-5235-1147-1

Farris, a doctor and cartoonist, debuts with a clever illustrated take on first-time motherhood. Each chapter tackles a different phase of becoming and being a parent, including newborn mom, infant mom, toddler mom, and elementary school mom. Farris playfully uses the phrasing of baby books (“At this stage, newborn mom may be able to gaze at the baby, possibly with a confused or bewildered look”) and revels in the absurdity of common parenting advice (a page entitled “Sleep when the baby sleeps” suggests doing so “at a dinner party” or “while you dry your hair”). Bits are repeated in each section, such as annotated anatomical drawings, Mom’s likes and dislikes at each stage (“chasing baby around” is both a like and a dislike at the “toddler mom” stage), what Mom does on the weekend, and notes-to-self. Wry observational humor and self-kindness take the lead, and Farris’s illustrative chops shine (even on the copyright page) with simple linework and a busy but pastel-leaning color palette. Farris successfully upends the idea of a baby milestone tracker by turning it into an often amusing but sincere and affirming take on motherhood. This is a no-brainer for parents of all experience levels. Agent: Melissa Flashman, Janklow & Nesbit Assoc. (Apr.)