Charming Artemis

Sarah M. Eden. Covenant Communications, $16.99 trade paper (288p) ISBN 978-1-5244-1806-9
Eden’s Jonquil Brothers series converges with her Lancaster Family series in this sweet but overstuffed Regency romance which serves as the finale to both, with a forced marriage between two lonely hearts leading the families to uncover a common past. The only person who’s ever made Artemis Lancaster feel truly loved was the gentle stranger who reunited her with her family when she was lost as a child. Though she can’t recall his face, she clings to the memory of his kindness. The death of Charlie Jonquil’s father when Charlie was very young left a similar void that Charlie struggles to fill. When he and Artemis are discovered in an apparently compromising position, the antagonistic pair are forced to marry. Worried their animosity will distress their families, they agree to pretend to be happy around relatives—but time with the chaotic, jovial Lancaster and Jonquil broods melts pretense as the couple sees each other in new lights. Loneliness and loss provide the emotional core of this heartwarming tale with plenty of comic relief to lighten the load. Series readers will be pleased to check in with past favorite characters, but the expansive cast takes time away from the central relationship, causing the initial fire to fizzle. Still, this will be a treat for Eden’s fans. (Oct.)
Reviewed on : 07/22/2021
Genre: Romance/Erotica
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