cover image DPS Only!

DPS Only!

Velinxi. Andrews McMeel, $18.99 paper (432p) ISBN 978-1-5248-7649-4

Sixteen-year-old Vicky Tan navigates e-sports’ misogynistic atmosphere in this high-octane solo debut, originally a webcomic, by Velinxi (the Scum Villain series). Vicky has always supported her older brother, Virgil, username Aeneid, a top-ranked player of popular pvp game Xenith Orion, which is notorious for its boys’ club environment. She edits his videos, curates his social media presence, and cheers him on at tournaments. She also secretly moonlights as an equally high-ranked Xenith player; concealing her gender to avoid harassment, she plays online using voice modulators and the username Aegis. After landing a spot in a tournament, she must decide if she wants to fight for agency in her own life or to live in Virgil’s—and her alter ego’s—shadow forever. Velnixi’s bold lines, striking shadows, dynamic paneling, and vibrant, textured palettes stunningly illustrate Vicky’s cloud-nine highs and subterranean lows. This powerfully emotional graphic novel, set against a bombastic technicolor e-sports backdrop, tenderly navigates tumultuous, nuanced relationships and necessary conversations regarding toxic bro culture and being one’s authentic self. Vicky and Virgil cue as East Asian. Ages 13–17. (Oct.)