cover image Crafting Authentic Paper Flowers

Crafting Authentic Paper Flowers

Sophie Longhurst. White Owl, $22.95 trade paper (144p) ISBN 978-1-5267-8466-7

Florist Longhurst offers a first-rate guide to creating beautiful, realistic paper flowers in her standout debut. She starts by covering materials, laying out everything readers will need, including crepe paper, paper creasers, tacky glue, floral tape, Mod Podge glue, and long-nose pliers. Then come techniques, such as cutting ribbons, tracing templates, and fringing, and a break-down of basic flower anatomy. The projects are fit for all skill levels: beginners can start with "simple elegant" poppies and evening primrose, while the more experienced have Christmas rose and cherry blossoms to choose from. Longhurst urges crafters to use her projects as a jumping-off point, and to that end provides tips and tricks for dying paper with coffee and tea, replicating pollen with chalk, and using paper straws to create thicker stems. She rounds things out with ideas for using the paper flowers once they're done, such as in wedding bouquets, in a traditional Japanese Ikebana arrangement, or to top a wrapped gift, for example. Exquisite full-page color photos showcase the intricate projects, and the step-by-step instructions are accompanied with photographs. This master class will entice crafters both seasoned and new. (Jan.)