cover image Faithless Elector

Faithless Elector

James McCrone. CreateSpace, $8.99 trade paper (216p) ISBN 978-1-530117-05-5

A narrow win in the 2016 presidential election makes Democrat Diane Redmond the first female president-elect—but that’s just the start for McCrone’s fast-moving topical thriller. From the moment that the networks call the race for her, a shadowy group of supporters of her opponent, Republican James Christopher, plot to deny her the office. First, Redmond’s enemies attempt to get the Justice Department to investigate voter fraud in Illinois, which went to her. Meanwhile, fatal accidents claim the lives of seven Democratic electors. That suspicious pattern is detected by Seattle political science grad student Matthew Yamashita, who has been overseeing a survey of all 538 electors. But his conspiracy theory is viewed with skepticism by his mentor, professor Duncan Calder, until another death leads Matthew to seek the help of an old friend, FBI agent Imogen Trager, who has been looking into the alleged irregularities in Illinois. Surprising twists that make the most of the oddity of the electoral college add up to a highly suspenseful read. [em](BookLife) [/em]