Perdy, Vol. 1

Kickliy. Image, $19.99 (161p) ISBN 978-1-5343-0967-8
Kickliy both embraces the worn clichés of the western genre and rejuvenates them with a strange, bawdy sensibility in this absurdist romp. The story kicks off as an outlaw, fresh off a 15-year stint in prison, blows into a lawless town with a mysterious agenda. The familiar setup is upended due to the outlaw being Perdy, a foulmouthed, solid, and strong woman whose stolen pink cowboy shirt can’t contain her Parton-esque bust. Kickliy illustrates Perdy’s body as a caricature that’s simultaneously ridiculed, sexualized, and weaponized (Perdy, for instance, disarms an enemy by smothering him against her breasts). Perdy is a force of nature: aggressive and ruthless in her quest to get what she wants. Her characterization drives some of the story’s funniest and most ridiculous set pieces, as when Perdy and her estranged daughter both try to court a handsome-but-dim French doctor, with Perdy hurling double entendres that are hilarious in their awfulness. In a rough indie style, Kickliy shows a talent for evoking atmosphere with a few sketched-in lines, spending more time on exceptional landscapes like the muddy, rain-washed town. While not for the easily offended, this raunchy caper is an unexpected escape from typical genre fare. (Sept.)
Reviewed on: 07/30/2018
Genre: Comics
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