Joe Casey and Benjamin Marra. Image, $17.99 (64p) ISBN 978-1-5343-1174-9
This odd reenvisioning of the story of Jesus of Nazareth by Casey (Accell) and Marra (Night Business) depicts the future messiah as a tormented man who is also, at times, a fearsome warrior. The tale begins in 26 C.E. with Jesus suffering from nightmares and visions, and concluding that his only recourse is to “dive deep within himself,” where he finds “divine self-actualization.” This concept is illustrated by Jesus sitting in the lotus position with silhouettes above of him striking martial arts poses. Jesus goes on to meet John the Baptist; when he is baptized at night, the Romans strike, and Jesus battles them with his fists and feet. He goes on to raise a dead woman and assault a Roman fortress to free the captured John, killing several soldiers as well as a giant lizard man. Marra’s art is crude and crowded, and Jesus is bizarrely muscle-bound. In the end, Jesus does commit to confronting the Roman oppressors with his words rather than violence. Readers longing for a butt-kicking Jesus will find him here, but most will just be confused. (Apr.)
Reviewed on : 01/03/2019
Release date: 03/01/2019
Genre: Comics
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