cover image Making It: The Artist’s Survival Guide

Making It: The Artist’s Survival Guide

Jaša, with Noah Charney. Rowman & Littlefield, $17.95 trade paper (192p) ISBN 978-1-5381-4199-1

“The reason we create is to make a legacy that will outlive us, to reach those who might never meet us,” writes artist Jaša in his debut work, an earnest reference guide for aspiring professional artists. With the help of art historian Charney, Jaša touches upon a wide range of subjects, including where to find inspiration, how to exhibit work, and the mindset one should have when deciding to seriously pursue a career in art. Along the way, a number of maxims are doled out. Concerning art school: “Do not mistake life and success at art school for life and success outside of it.” Another grounding lesson is how the medium will always be lucrative, if only for a select few. “The market is ruled by those with big bucks... almost all of that money goes to a tiny percentage of artists.” As a general how-to guide, the work offers indispensable advice; however, its wisdom is still highly subjective. The real strength resides in the autobiographical accounts, as when Jaša recounts the personal highs and lows he’s encountered in an industry that only offers “just a few minutes to demonstrate that you’re worth more.” Written with a dry wit and heartfelt emotion, this will appeal to Jaša’s fans and those dreaming of a career in art. (Aug.)